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Our law firm

MOYSE & ASSOCIATES advises and assists its clients in the Luxembourg courts, including the highest courts, such as the Constitutional Court, the Administrative Court and the Court of Cassation.

The firm works with many correspondents across Europe and the world. Through these multiple contacts with law firms specializing in different matters, the firm can direct its clients to the appropriate contacts to assist in their case.

The firm deals with numerous national files for very diverse clients, in all kinds of legal matters. Each legal problem deserves to be dwelled on and to find the appropriate solution with the client.

Etude Moyse & Associates

Our vision

Law is becoming increasingly complex due to an increase in legislative and regulatory provisions, be it at the national level or at the level of the European Union. This state of affairs requires constant legal monitoring in order to allow us to suitably advise and assist our clients.
Cases, including economic and criminal matters, require cutting-edge know-how that we strive to offer, based on the three elements of experience, in-depth reflection and judicial strategy. It is a mission of excellence that we seek to accomplish, with a reputation acquired over almost 30 years at the bar association, having customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Litigation is between strategy and art.

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