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Private international law - Public international law

Moyse & Associates specializes in private international law, but also in public international law. These specific skills are essential for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Luxembourg. In addition, the firm has a practice of resolving complex international succession files.

The practice of the firm includes important exequatur files, that is submissions for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards.


While European law has abolished the formality of exequatur in the European Union, the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements outside Europe as well as such arbitral awards are submitted to proceedings before the district court of Luxembourg.

The experience acquired through these files includes thorny questions of public international law, when proceedings are directed against some foreign State, with issues arising about immunity from jurisdiction and immunity of execution.

On the international stage, our team of lawyers assists heirs from all over the world in order to facilitate solving international inheritance matters or cases.

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