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Administrative law - European law

One of the areas of specialization of our firm lies in administrative law in particular, and public law in general. European law is an important layer of law.


Public law is very different from litigation under private law. Many formalities require legal support in order to submit requests to administrations, be it the State or the municipalities. Even before the creation of administrative courts, administrative litigation was carried out at the Litigation Committee of the Council of State, to be followed in 1997 in the newly founded administrative courts. Public law litigation also includes the defense of cases before the Constitutional Court, at which Mr Moyse pleaded and won the first case ever dealt with since its creation, namely case 001/98.

Administrative litigation includes a European component, since the firm specializes also in the defense of European civil servants before the Tribunal of the European Union, which is part of the Court of Justice of the European Union.


European law further includes many branches which are commonly processed at the firm, knowing that many Luxembourg internal legal provisions directly or indirectly result from European regulations or directives. The processing of European law files covers a number of economic fields.

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