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Présentation du  notre cabinet

Located in the heart of Europe, the law firm

Moyse & Associates specializes in legal advice and dispute resolution.

Presentation of our firm

The law firm MOYSE & ASSOCIATES has been created with the desire to offer its clients a wealth of experience in dispute resolution in all Luxembourg Courts and European Supreme Courts.
With a capacity to handle complex legal files in an increasingly complicated legislative environment, our team of lawyers seeks to find satisfactory solutions to any legal issue or file submitted, be it in court or outside of the courts.


Areas of expertise

Dispute resolution - Civil and commercial law

The firm advises Luxembourg and international clients in local matters as well as in complex international disputes.


The practice of litigation includes representation and assistance of companies, businesses or private persons in any jurisdiction in Luxembourg, be it in civil or commercial matters, in the various areas of law, including in the highest courts, such as the Court of Cassation, as well as before the Court of Justice of the European Union (Luxembourg) and the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg).

Criminal Law

François Moyse has a widely recognized expertise in general criminal law and in particular in white collar crime.


Our team of criminal lawyers advises and represents clients before national and international jurisdictions, in all phases of the criminal proceedings, both for their defense, as well as victims, through the submission of a civil party claim, for the purposes of seeking damages in court.

Human Rights

François Moyse is recognized as one of the seasoned practitioners in the field of Human Rights, in particular through applications for the respect of the rights contained in the European Convention of Human Rights.

At the level of the European Union, fundamental rights play an essential role. Petitioning in court for those fundamental liberties requires increased specialization, in order to protect the basic rights of citizens.

Cases are regularly submitted to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

International Private / Public Law

Our firm assists its clients in the recognition of foreign decisions (judgments or arbitral awards) and in their enforcement on Luxembourg territory.


In this respect, the firm has extensive experience in  enforcement procedures relating to foreign decisions rendered against foreign states and has been confronted, on several occasions, with arguments linked to questions of immunities of jurisdiction and immunities of enforcement of foreign states and their emanations.

Administrative and European law

Public law is widely practiced by the lawyers of the firm. This ranges from assistance with various administrative formalities up to the filing of applications in administrative courts in the litigation phase.


European law requires specific expertise which is offered by MOYSE & ASSOCIATES, be it by defending the interests of European civil servants or defending the economic interests of companies.

Litigation is between strategy and art.

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