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Small flashback from François Moyse on the occasion of his 30 years as a member of the bar

On March 19, 1991, François Moyse was admitted to the list of the Luxembourg Bar Association attorneys.

At the time, there were less than 300 lawyers on the said list and you quickly got to know almost all the colleagues. Today, the figure is rather around 3,000 lawyers, individuals and law firms! The bar has become strongly internationalized. In 30 years, the practice of litigation and counsel has evolved a lot, especially with digitalization.

And in 30 years, we have been through some flagship cases, namely: the first case of the newly created Constitutional Court, won on March 6, 1998, followed by pleadings before the Grand Duke, who came to visit the new administrative courts. A widely published criminal case concerning a manager of a major truck company in 2002, pleaded on constitutional, which triggered a cartoon in a daily newspaper featuring Mr. Moyse pleading the case.

Justice was also seen to be done in other major commercial and civil cases. For example, the recognition of the right to compensation for a family of a person who had died of Hepatitis C, the cause of which was a blood transfusion. There were also the pleadings before the grand chambers of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

In criminal matters, it was an acquittal in the courtroom itself and a rare case of review of a conviction (‘révision’) by the Supreme Court. In administrative matters, we obtained the first judicial intervention on a suspended stock listing by the Administrative Court and recently the appeal administrative court forced the government to allow a Member of Parliament to consult a licence contract in the name of the rule of law.

The fight continues: more than ever, we are there to safeguard the rights of clients, justice being a fundamental pillar of the rule of law.


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